The idea for Wicked Jerky started out in the early summer of 2003. The owner (Chris Broderick) was eating a piece of jerky that was a little on the tough side and while eating it, broke off a part of his tooth. This frustrated Chris because he loved jerky so much, but every jerky he tried, was tough and hard to chewy.
Later that summer, he was walking through a store and find a jerky kit, to make his own beef jerky. He went home that day and made himself some jerky out of ground beef and the seasoning that came in the kit. The jerky was soft and very easy to chewy.
This is were Chris started to think of different ways to make jerky and began to come up with different flavors. He started to make a few different flavors and tried them out, if they meet his expectations, he would then take it to work and have his friends and co-workers try it.
They loved his jerky and asked for more and if he had any other flavors that they could buy. Chris continued to make different flavors for people to try and buy. Now Chris has over 400 different jerky flavors and is continuing to make new flavors every day. Soon to come chicken, turkey, pork, buffalo, elk and deer.